The Blessing Ceremony.

With my ears ringing,

I go back,

To The Blessing Ceremony.

Lights start flashing,

My mind goes white,

My feet grow weak.

A candle in my hand,

I walk forward with it,

Eeriness creeping over.

On my right,

A gargoyle stands.

On my left,

A white snake.

The candle started to melt,

The flame started to dance,

Like I once did in your gaze.

They said they would bless us.

For what? I never knew.

Drenched in memories,

I became one with the tiny flame.

My soul banged against its prison,

But I dared to hold it in,

Swaying, like the flame.

The gargoyle took notice.

So did the snake.

They seemed to relish it.

Then, I fell.

Fell with re-opened scars.

The flame vanished,

Like I had, temporarily.

I woke up,

My mother was running towards me.

I felt for the candle,

It was nowhere to be found.

I blinked twice,

My vision cleared,

Pairs of eyes kept piercing me.

Of course, they would look at me,

I had come back from hell.

They had blessed me.

– Ashley Kumar

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